Walmart and its Competitive Strategy


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Walmart and its Competitive Strategy
This is an article review of an article discussing Walmart’s business and market strategies. The article is entitled Walmart’s Latest Move to Crush the Competition by Sean Gregory and is published in Time Magazine. The article focuses on Walmart’s primary market strategy which is a generic strategy based on price. Some of the topics discussed are how smaller retailers simply cannot compete with Walmart even in niche markets and how its dominance in terms of economies of scale can undermine even larger retailers.
In a recent article published in Time Magazine, Walmart’s market strategy is the topic of discussion. The article is entitled, Walmart’s Latest Move to Crush the...
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..... recent remodeling strategy. Thus, Walmart must re-emphasize the importance of improved consumer experience to its in-store staff. However, this observations also illustrates one of the few meaningful competitive strategies that Walmart’s smaller, local competition can take which is to advertise their products and services based on excellent and personal customer service that cannot be achieved by Walmart. While these smaller retailers cannot hope to compete with Walmart on price alone, they can ensure that they connect with consumers on a personal and community level which will compensate for their somewhat higher product or service prices.
Gregory, S. (2009). Walmart’s Latest Move to Crush the
Competition. Time Magazine, 09/09.