Walking into the Courtroom in West Covina Courthouse


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The beginning:
Walking into the Courtroom in West Covina Courthouse
Walking into the courtroom in West Covina, I was surprised that it was different that I thought it would be. The look and solemn feeling of the courtroom was what I expected, but there were more people in the audience of the courtroom who were dressed in very casual clothes that I expected. I did not think that there would be so many audience members who were there just to watch the court cases. Watching the cases happen was a mixture of surprise and boredom. The cases were shorter than I had thought they would be, and some had really interesting details. But watching so many during the day started to get uninteresting and I kept hoping that there would be more interesting cases. The two...
The end:
.....This was a form of stealing the newspaper’s time and space, so the judgment was correct.
The field trip to the West Covina courthouse was a good learning experience. I found out a lot more about how the courts in Los Angeles really work, instead of having an imaginary idea of something more fast-paced and complicated. I felt like by watching the court cases that I now know that they require a lot more detailed work by the judge, lawyers, and other court professionals that I had expected. Their jobs are not very glamorous, like on television, but they are hard-working and want to make sure that people, even in a small claims court, are treated fairly and are allowed to use the law to help them even with what we might think of as small cases.