Wal-Marts are not Causing Vancouver to Lose its Character


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Persuasive Essay:Wal-Marts are not causing Vancouver to lose its character
Typically measuring from 109,000 to 230,000 square feet, open 24 hours a day and presenting at least 100,000 different products,
-mart’s Supercenter store are the company’s favorite concept and is an important part of its global strategy (
, 2002). Mexico boasts 62 outlets, Germany surpasses it with 86, Argentines with their struggling peso has 11 and even China has 15 (
, 2002). However, though Canada was the third international market in Wal-Mart’s global strategy, it remains the only country where it operates that has yet to enjoy a Supercenter (
, 2002). Stories of Wal-Mart mega centers annihilating locally owned stores have been a large...
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.....ver. Also, zoning restrictions would likely not allow big box store such as Wal-Mart to be established in the city centre, where most of Vancouver’s “character” is situated. Rather, a Wal-Mart is more likely to be established in a suburban community, which are generally generic in features. Lastly, Vancouver has met with other international companies with much enthusiasm such as
H & M, and Starbucks, none of which has been shown to contributed to the loss of Vancouver’s character.
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