Wal-Mart Transportation Process Improvement


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The beginning:
Wal-Mart Transportation Process Improvement:
is it possible to improve the logistics structure of
the world’s most feared retailer?
This paper looks at the logistics structure of Wal-Mart and discusses how the transportation processes within the organization can be improved. At the end of the day, Wal-Mart does many things extraordinarily well – but it does not do appear, given its insular culture, to be an organization that values what other organizations might have to offer in terms of effective models for transportation and logistics.
In many ways, this is a tough question to answer for Wal-Mart is, if anything, a brilliantly-run and ruthless organization; if there is a way to save money, it is a good bet that Wal-Mart, of all...
The end:
.....l-Mart have something comparable? It is very hard to say – but no one should be surprised if it does. Because the company apparently believes that it does not need to respond to anyone, however, it may be possible that Wal-Mart is reluctant to take lessons from smaller firms.
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