Volunteer Work at Yorktown Shelter for Women


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The beginning:
Volunteer Work at Yorktown Shelter for Women
Introduction: Yorktown Shelter for Women
For my volunteer work experience I worked at Yorktown shelter for women. Yorktown is designed to provide a place for women and their families to escape from abusive relationships. However, the organization goes beyond providing just a place to take refuge. It is a multicultural and multilingual environment that strives to empower women(Yorktown).
As a volunteer in this organization I could see first hand how the staff tried to live up to this mandate. I also gained a new appreciation of the effects of violence against women and children.
Immigrant Women and Violence
Violence against women is a major problem. For example, in “Age, Period, and Cohort...
The end:
.....em to deal with their primary concerns regarding leaving abusive relationships.
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