Voluntary and Involuntary Separation of Employees


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Voluntary and Involuntary Separation of Employees
The development of separation practices in an organization or business is a critical component of not only management, but also employee satisfaction and commitment. However, in recent years the nature of teachers' work has changed rapidly. Our society is in a postmodern age which is fast, compressed, complex and uncertain (Sverke et al., 2006; Skaalvik and Skaalvik, 2009). The educational arena that new teachers are entering, such as the one represented in the interview below, now is vastly different from that of the last several decades. As Brandes et al. (2008) note, the widespread layoffs of the past 25 years have caused unparalleled levels of distrust and frustration in...
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..... peer relation after the second written warning. She was warned to address colleagues, staff and students in a calm courteous manner all the time otherwise her employment will be jeopardized.
With regards to layoffs, what are the negative effects to the school?
It may cause the rest of employees uncertainty, their motivation or inspiration will be downgraded in a short time period. Luckily, there's little influence in school operation. As we all know, the purpose of downsizing is to improve the operation production.
Does the school provide outplacement service?
Not exactly, but we will do some referrals and provide a list that has some potential organizations that might fit them. Absolutely, I will draft the recommendation letters for them.