Visit to the Japanese-American National Museum


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5 May 2010
Visit to the Japanese-American National Museum
For my field trip I went to the Japanese-American National Museum. It was built on the site of a former Buddhist temple. The museum was planned initially to be a war memorial for Japanese-American WWII veterans. So right from the start, the museum had roots in both war and peace. This is the reason that I chose the museum as I wanted to examine a museum which dealt with the horrors of war.
The exhibit was set up such that the views of the Nissei, American born Japanese, and Issei, their Japanese born counterparts, could share their perspectives on their American history. The museum reflected one...
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.....lay of piles of suitcases and trunks adjacent to the barracks housed currently at the museum.
Perhaps the ultimate description of this museum is elucidated by the tyrannical facet of the state: the right to take life or let live. Hence, like many things in life, the Japanese-American National Museum is one macrocosmic display about the power of the people to survive against all odds in the face of the power of the state. Thus, I would certainly recommend the museum to other students as a visit there can help
put current hot-button issues such as immigration, racism, and egalitarianism into clear view. The Japanese-American National Museum helps show how brave Japanese-Americans were and how cruel the U.S. government policy was towards them.