Virtual Sex is “Normal” and “Accepted” as a Part of Life


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Virtual Sex is “Normal” and “Accepted” as a Part of Life
Virtual Sex is “Normal” and “Accepted” as a Part of Life
Farrell (2011) thought he had seen it all until his editor asked him to go online to write a story on crime in the virtual world, Second Life. He was horrified to learn, after setting up his own avatar, that all forms of crime were possible including pedophilia in a land then called “Wonderland”. Although Farrell’s (2011) investigation resulted in the owners of the site,
Labs removing “Wonderland” from its virtual platform the following day, a second visit by Farrell to Second Life resulted in him being a offered a list of 50 other pedophilia islands within the
Although the original...
The end: The usual individuals were still turning up, unsure of what had happened.
"Never mind," said one, and handed me a list of 50 other "child-play" areas within Second Life.
In a second report I visited more, equally shocking islands. Here was a window into the worst aspects of depraved minds.
Life had become weird. I arranged to meet one of
agents in virtual Barcelona, where I passed on the virtual list of "child-play" zones in Second Life.
My investigative alter-ego had done his bit. I logged out and logged back into real life... but somewhere in a strange online landscape my discarded avatar is still slumped on a park bench in a digital space that looks something like Barcelona.