Violence in Japanese and American Animation


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A Comparison of Japanese and American Animation in the Historical and Social Construct of Violence in Cartoons and Anime
This study will analyze the comparable use of violence and mayhem in American and Japanese animation. The use of violence in various cartoons in American animation culture provides a violent in which action heroes or cartoon characters are often striking each other or are humorously using “slap stick” to insinuate physical aggression for children audiences. This is also true, but to a greater extent, in Japanese Anime in that it uses dramatic effected in character creation to heighten physical aggression between combating forces, but for a more adult orientated audience. By defining some examples from each style of...
The end:
.....Anime is seen in modern American cartoons, equally emulating violence as a foundation for comparison that goes beyond national standards of decency. In many ways, American cartoons and Japanese anime express very similar uses of violent content in the way they project characters and physical aggression though a social and historical context.
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