Violence in “Celia Behind Me” and “The Bully”


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The beginning:
Violence in "Celia Behind Me" and "The Bully"
The two stories, Celia Behind Me by Isabel
and The Bully by James
both show how violence can deeply impact and even change those experiencing it. Both stories also examine how violence can take many forms, including physical and psychological and how much of such violence is faced from an early age. Both stories are told from the first person perspective, the narrator looking back at his or her childhood. Although at first the stories appear to be about bullying, and in Celia Behind Me the main character is the bully while in The Bully the main character is being bullied, upon analysis the reader realises that this is not quite the case.
In Celia Behind Me the narrator recounts...
The end:
.....nce children face in their daily life. The fact that the violence comes from families and schools, the two environments where one is supposed to feel the safest is deplorable. What is also disturbing is that the violence can take many forms (physical, psychological) and have many consequences including turning the victim towards violence. The two narrators’ later lives were profoundly affected by their experiences.
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