Violence and Narratives


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The beginning:
Violence and Narratives
Violence has profound effects on society. These effects are not confined to the act itself. In fact the violence can affect a whole new range of people when it becomes a part of a narrative. For example, in “Ethnography of a
” Carolyn
Just as the experience of terror, the pangs
of grief, the painful yearning for worlds
and homes irreparably lost to violence
extends beyond the boundaries of words and
text, so must the dynamic of hearing
With this in mind narratives of violence engage in a complex process of recreating the violence. The act of recreating these acts allows the violence to spread far beyond those who were initially impacted by the violence.
In this essay...
The end:
.....we then edits Kurtz’s narrative so that he can create a narrative that the company will be able to handle. By doing this both Kurtz and Marlowe are building worlds for their listeners. These worlds involve processes information in order to make it into something that everyone can deal with. In this sense the narrative is a way of dealing with violence that would be too difficult to deal with in its raw form.
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