Violated and Silenced: The Gendering of “Justice” Presentation


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Violated and Silenced: The Gendering of "Justice" Presentation
The injection of the female role into the discussion of criminality and criminal justice ties in several modern feminist theories. For the majority of recorded history society has been a male dominated culture with women playing either a subservient, subordinate, or subrogated role, being volitionally placed in the background and required to take a secondary position (Couto & Visano 3). In the first chapter of the book the authors examine the feminist view of criminology through the feminine identity, misogynistic institutions, and the various ideologies that play a role in the criminal justice system. There are trends in the current treatment of women involved in the...
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.....bor provided in the household provided primarily by female members of society (Couto & Visano47).
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