Video Analysis about “Arabs”, “Asean Women”, and “Young Whites”


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Communication 123
25 May 2011
Video Analysis about "Arabs", "Asean Women", and "Young Whites"
Assignment #1
1.Arabs are represented negatively in Hollywood because so many Arabs are involved in the middle of such much controversy around the world. A logical conclusion which is easy to support with basic statistical data is that most Arabs are Muslims, and most Muslims are terrorists. A typical fallacious conclusion is that most Arabs are terrorists. This fallacious stereotype contributes to the ease of portraying Arabs negatively in Hollywood. At the same time, the severe lack of women’s rights, religious freedom, democratic political structures, and moderate leaders has painted...
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..... It seems odder now if European Americans do not embrace rap and hip-hop. These genres and subcultures have not transcended ethnicity and even the national borders of the U.S. With such global acceptance, it is hardly surprising that the affinity that European Americans show for rap and hip-hop is so prevalent and seemingly growing at a rapid pace. The world as whole is becoming more colorblind on many levels.
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