Victims and Crime Evaluation


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Victims and Crime Evaluation
The victim concept has historical significance, and could be traced to the ancient Hebrew times, when people or animals who were often either killed or sacrificed for deities, were seen as victims. But in recent times the term victim has been largely associated with crimes and criminal activities where people were hurt or killed.. Some have argued that the concept of “victim” lacks descriptive precision with regard to human behavior. Those who subscribe to this school of thought argue that society generally does not regard soldiers who died in wars as victims, or individuals executed by state for some crime as victims. On the other hand, individuals injured in auto accidents, or people who have...
The end:
..... new programs and approaches have been implemented to address the victim rights. Restorative justice is a new arena in the criminal justice system which looks at crime and punishment through the perspective of the victims, and what remedies could be extended to them.
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