Use of Flashback in “Broken Ground”


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The beginning:
Use of Flashback in "Broken Ground"
’ Broken Ground is a text which deals with the devastating effects of the First World War. One startling realization that occurs in the course of the story is that the effects of the war are not confined to France. The memories follow the afflicted characters throughout their entire lives. The character most haunted by his war experience is Matthew Pearson. Trying to flee the memories of his past life by moving to Vancouver Island from Ontario, he soon realizes that the memories of the war are not that easily forgotten. As the war experience is an integral part of the story,
must make it appear as forceful as possible. He accomplishes this, in part, through the literary technique of...
The end:
.....on is changed by his war experience. The realism of the story has much to do with the flashbacks. The flashbacks create a sense of an actual life and memory, moving quickly and distressingly between the past and present. When the past war experiences do interfere with the present, they often bring a strong sense of intensity that would otherwise be difficult to get across. Such a case is to be found during the forest fire. Finally, flashbacks are able to reveal the changes that occur in Pearson during the war. The technique is heavily employed by
throughout the text, and must be admitted to being an integral part of the success of Broken Ground.
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