US History: The Year 1992


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US History: The Year 1992
Political leaders
In 1992, the President of the United States was George H.W. Bush; the Secretary of Defence was Richard Cheney; the vice-president was Dan Quayle; Lawrence Eagleburger was Secretary of State; and the speaker of the House of Representatives was Thomas Foley. The Senate Majority leader was Democrat George Mitchell; Minority Senate Leader was Republican Bob Dole; Dick Gephardt was majority leader in the House of Representatives and R.H. Michel was minority leader in the House.
1992 was a time of economic stagnation in the United States. The recession had just ended but employment, sales and income only slightly improved. Inflation was low, however. Nonetheless, it was a period in which the...
The end:
.....n shows were Home Improvement and Law and Order. Social trends featured more women in executive positions; more common-law relationships; a high divorce rate; low birthrates; and the increased prominence of alternative lifestyles in the media.
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