Unnaturally Nice: False Face of Customer Service in a “Natural” Company


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The beginning:
Unnaturally Nice: False Face of Customer Service in a “Natural” Company
Customer service is popular; money back guarantees are nice, but the promise of friendly faces, cheery clerks, and patient people willing to serve is almost more enticing. Great service has come to be expected as a product that companies can offer and incorporate into their brands, and customers can enjoy and consume. In this paper, I examine the concept of emotional labor, and how, in my customer service work at a company selling natural products, pressure to offer “Outrageous Customer Service” created inauthentic behavior and false responses.
Prior to working at Pure Organics (a pseudonym), I was a customer who was familiar with their joint company policies of...
The end:
.....ucts, and resulted in decreased job enjoyment and a feeling that both I, and the company, were actually quite false. In the creation and promotion of “Outrageous Customer Service”, both the company and I produced and presented a product that was, ultimately, synthetic.
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