Unloaded Firearms: “McLaughlin v. United States”


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The beginning:
Unloaded Firearms: "McLaughlin v. United States"
Part 1
Assignment 5
Unloaded firearms are addressed in the Section 2113(d) of Title 18 of the United States Code found in the annotated code cited as 185 U.S.C.A. §2114(d).
The case alluded to is the McLaughlin v. United States 476 US 16 (1986).
The 1993 11th Circuit Appellate Court case of interest is U.S. v. Garret 3 F.3d 390 (1993).
Assignment 9
People v. Sanders 905 P.2d 420 (1995)
Parties – The State of California (prosecutor/respondent) and Ricardo Rene Sanders (defendant/appellant).
Citation - 905 P.2d 420
Holding – This case was an appeal on the death sentence given to the appellant his codefendants for the “Big Boy Murders” conducted in 1980. At issue was the special circumstances...
The end:
.....nd defeated by the property owners. I would surmise that this brass tag is insufficient in modern practice and potentially a hold over form early times before shopping malls became more of a public meeting place rather than a private property where shoppers were invited in to conduct business.
To further uncover the veracity of the stated reason for the identification tag both law review articles, case law, and other authoritative texts will be consulted. The majority of the research will be with law review articles and caselaw books, however reviewing specific cases may provide additional insight into the subject.
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