United States and United Kingdom: Compare and Contrast


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United States and United Kingdom: Compare and Contrast
Social: According to the 2001 census the United Kingdom (U.K.) had a primarily White population (92.1%). Of this group 83.6% are English 83.6%, 8.6% Scottish 4.9%, Welsh and 2.9% Northern Irish. Of the remaining population 2% were Blacks, 1.8% Indian 1.8% and 1.3% Pakistani (CIA, 2010).
The United States (U.S.) by contrast, while also predominantly White, had a more diverse population. According to the 2000 census the U.S. was 75.1%, White, 12.5% Hispanics/Latinos, 12.3%, Blacks, 3.7% Asians/Pacific Islanders and 0.9% Amerindians(Encyclopedia of Nations, 2010).
Both nations are primarily English speaking, though there is a large and growing Spanish-speaking population in the U.S. The...
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