Unethical Dualism of the Male and Female Gender Roles


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Unethical Dualism of Male and Female Gender Roles in Mother/Nature: Popular Culture and Environmental Ethics by Catherine M. Roach
This ethical study will analyze the unethical dualism of the male and female gender roles that arise in the study of Motherhood in Nature by Catherine Roach. Roach, provides a three tiered approach to the psychological and cultural ways in which the “good mother”, the “bad mother”, and the “hurt mother” are portrayed as dividing male and female gender roles. The common theme of this book lies in the ways that all of these perspective on women as a ‘god’ are falsely created to deny women an equal voice in a patriarchal society. By understanding the ethical content of Roach’s environmental argument, she provides...
The end:
.....ave been assigned in the victimization of women through patriarchal institutions, such as psychology and cultural bias. By understanding these complex definitions of the female gender as being victim to those of aggressive male roles, the divide of gender in modern society is an ethical problem of inequality in modern society. Roach provides a comprehensive environmental evaluation of gender divides and in the dualism of male and female roles in this study, reflecting the ethical problems associated with stereotypes associated with women as Mother Nature through a psychological and cultural perspective.
Works Cited:
Roach, Catherine, M. Mother/Nature: Popular Culture and Environmental Ethics. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2003.