Understanding the Ministry of Jesus


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Understanding the Ministry of Jesus
Imagine Jesus traveling to his home town and entering into the synagogue. Jesus stands and begins to read the Scriptures that have been handed to him. The Scriptures that he reads come from Isaiah, and he tells the Jews that he is the fulfillment of these promises. The words that Jesus says are paramount to a Christian’s life, because Jesus basically states that he fulfills the promise written in Isaiah 61:1. A study of Luke 4:18 will show Jesus as the fulfillment of the promises to the Jews, the ministry of Jesus, and how the directive to Jesus fulfills the present ministry.
Jesus is the fulfillment of promises made to the Jews as can be seen in the verse of Luke 4:18. First, consider the events that...
The end:
..... of the promises in Isaiah. Part of the assignment of Jesus was to touch those who were hurting whether they had different types of mental or physical health problems. Jesus stepped forward and stated that he was the fulfillment of the promises that the Jews were looking to receive. The requirement of the ministry for Jesus was his willingness. The question that should be a part of any ministry directive is: Are you willing to work in this ministry?
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