Understanding the Federal Communications Commission


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Understanding the Federal Communications Commission
One of the most important organizations appointed by a president and confirmed by the Senate is the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) (“About the FCC”). The FCC is actually an independent United States government agency that was established under the Communications Act of 1934 with the purpose of regulating interstate and international communications whether it is radio, television, or satellite, etc. (“About the FCC”). While the organization may be independent, it relies on the president with the president selecting five commissioners and the Senate confirming these commissioners for 5-year terms (“About the FCC”). Besides the organizations, there are bureaus and offices that are...
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.....ithout reasons that hurt the public.
Many people may not realize that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plays an important role in the government nor may the public realize that the president appoint the commissioners who run this important organization. The FCC often makes changes to frequencies coordination that hurt small businesses without just cause. The FCC needs to explain why they make the changes they make and they need to consider the public when they make changes to frequency coordination.
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