Understanding Consumer Behavior in the Automotive Industry


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Understanding Consumer Behavior in the Automotive Industry
The automobile industry in the United States had suffered great losses at the brutal hands of the most recent economic recession. The big three automakers, made up of Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors, where at the brink of bankruptcy and needed federal bailout in order to save thousands of American jobs. In fact, automobile makers around the globe have seen their fair share of trauma within recent years. Even Japanese powerhouse, Toyota, witness millions of dollars of losses based on shoot recalls over the past few years. The automotive industry is recovering from its formerly crippled position. Since then, the automobile industry in the United States has begun to recover....
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.....nd the deal they are getting on-site based on point-of-sale information.
This process was incredibly interesting, as well as informative. Personally, through this process I would have chosen a pre-owned sedan option, most likely from Honda or Toyota. These options were much more highly regarded, and can with better long-term warranties than Ford or Chrysler. Additionally, I learned that it is important to understand one's financial status as a way to help prepare for searching for the best financial terms.
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