Understanding Africa


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Understanding Africa
Reading 1
The devastation caused by HIV and AIDS in Africa is many fold and the consequences of the ongoing epidemic and numerous, almost impossible to predict fully and compounded upon due to the difficulty in acquiring complete and adequate data. The consequences are social, economic and psychological, and to make things worse are increased by other existing problems, like underdevelopment, over population and social norms.
Even possible solutions are hindered by existing problems. An excellent example was a point brought up by the reading. The author mentions that avoiding breastfeeding once the child is born may significantly reduce the rates of mother to child transmission. This example highlights the differences...
The end:
..... establishment of the legitimate trade also opened doors for clonization as the European powers established trading posts. Advancements in science and technology made conquest easier and any resistance from the Africans was made powerless in the wake of these.
What is also clear, particulalry in the example of the Boer and British competition and conflict in Suth Africa is that these superpowers had little or no interest in the true needs of the local populations. At most, they believed that, thrugh their missionary work, they were enlightening, civilising and saving the local people, with little regard to their culture and customs.
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