U.S. Preparation and Probable Targets by Agro-Terrorist


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U.S. Preparation and Probable Targets by Agro-Terrorist
The growing threat of agricultural biological warfare raises many questions about the preparedness of the United States and the probable targets by agro-terrorists. Accordingly, the following report provides a detailed treatment of these key issues.
In term of addressing how the U.S. is preparing to deal with terrorist acts against environmental/agricultural targets, the short answer is that not enough is being done but developments are taking place. For the most part, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) addresses naturally occurring plant and animal disease outbreaks but historically "very little of the department's efforts [have been] dedicated to protecting U.S....
The end:
.....r dithering on this issue. The possible consequences to the U.S. economy of an agro-terrorist attack could cripple the country. And this makes it imperative that the U.S. remain vigilant in its efforts to prevent and deal with the potentially devastating impacts of an agro-terrorist event.
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