Types of Air Pollution


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Types of Air Pollution
Air pollution causes many health and environmental problems and can be both outdoor and indoor. Human activity is a major contributor to air pollution although air pollutants can come from many natural sources too. “Air pollution is the presence of chemicals in the atmosphere in concentrations high enough to affect climate and harm organisms and materials” (Miller and Hackett, 461). Much of the air pollution realised by humans is concentrated in densely populated urban areas. This is of particular concern for developing countries “where air pollution control laws do not exist or are poorly enforced” (Miller and Hackett, 463). This paper will examine the most important types of air pollution and their sources and...
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and Sharp, 411). After absorption CO2 emits the radiation back towards the Earth surface. As a consequence the Earth’s surface is not cooling and the result is an increase in the global temperature and green house effect.
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