Two Dual Diagnosis Substance Abuse Cases


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The beginning:
This paper shall discuss two vignettes, both of which propose a dual diagnosis with substance abuse. In the first case, Adam has challenging family history and symptoms of alcohol withdraw. Little is known about Adam’s current symptoms; however, a dual diagnosis is warranted due to Adam’s family history of mental illness and alcoholism. Andrea is showing several symptoms of psychosis that could be a result of substance abuse, schizophrenia, or other psychotic disorder. There is little history on Andrea. The dual diagnosis is based on the quality and severity of her symptoms.
Dual Diagnosis
My initial diagnosis for Adam is alcohol dependency due to his history of drinking and admittance to a chemical dependency unit with symptoms...
The end:
.....ocial skills and problem solving that would aid in her ability to refuse drugs. The hospital is a controlled environment that would allow the right drug combination to help stabilize Andrea’s symptoms and reduce delusional thought patterns.
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