Two Conflicting Sources on Global Warming


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Two Conflicting Sources on Global Warming
This paper will examine two legitimate yet opposing points of view on a current issue. The current issue chosen is global warming. Global warming was chosen because it is a much debated topic and because of the global character of potential consequences. Also, public opinion on the topic and how it should be dealt with is influenced by the media coverage as well as the information on the Internet. The two Internet sources chosen for the analysis present clearly different points of view and were thus chosen for this reason. They were also chosen for the similarities in layout, number of sources and type of electronic information they provide. The first source is the Wikipedia page on global warming...
The end:
.....pedia or Conservapedia) this further research is likely to lead into very different directions and this is the problem with such ‘information’ websites. Wikipedia certainly has a much larger number of users than Conservapedia but it also has been around longer. It is most likely that the choice between the sited would be based upon prior knowledge (gained from other websites and media outlets) as well as political bias.
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