Two Abrahams Put to the Test


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Two Abrahams Put to the Test
Abraham is certainly one of the most important characters of the Hebrew Bible. He was the original patriarch, who basically laid the foundations for three religions, namely Judaism, Christianity and even to some extent Islam. His name itself actually means “father,” or by extension, “father of nations,” an appropriate epithet for such an individual. The story of Abraham's life takes up a sizable portion of the book of Genesis, namely chapters 12 to 25. Like most of the great characters of the era of the Patriarchs, Abraham found himself tested by God on more than one occasion, and by his responses to such testing proved his importance and faithfulness.
The very first test that came to Abraham is the one which...
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..... a large nation which had been in existence already, but which was breaking apart from within. Both, however, were men who found themselves pulled or drawn out of the familiar circumstances of their early life into a wider political framework, where they often had to struggle and even engage in actual battle with opponents that were seriously and violently opposed to their existence. Both found their character and determination tested on multiple occasions, and both men were able to pull from a deep faith inside themselves that helped keep them going through all their difficulties.
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