Twenty-First Century Learner and the Vice Principal in Future Education


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Twenty-First Century Learner and the Vice Principal in Future Education
Education is a dynamic field. Like many other aspects of society, the educational field has expanded in scope and complexity. Whereas a teacher was once largely responsible for his or her own curriculum and was only occasionally answerable to an often-distant school board, today’s educators must work closely with administrators who oversee their actions on a frequent basis. In today’s complex educational environment, a vice principal plays more of a vital role than that of the support position that the public frequently perceives it to be. Rather, he or she plays a role in discipline, parent-teacher conferences, monitoring and ordering school inventory and assets, and...
The end: of the 21st century to not only have awareness of technology, but also require him or her to have financial finesse and the networking skills needed to raise funds to assist their students in their future professional aims.
The focus and the complexity of the educational field is dynamic and forever changing, while still retaining the ultimate mission of preparing students to take their places in society. The role of the vice-principal is similar in nature: although it retains its recognizable state and status in the educational field, the skills that will be required of the vice-principal of the 21st century are evolving to encompass the complexity that has engulfed today’s society, today’s students, and today’s educational environment.