“Tunnel Kids”: Summary of Chapters 5-8


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The beginning:
"Tunnel Kids": Summary of Chapters 5-8
Tunnel Kids is a heartfelt account of the experiences of children and young adults living in the tunnels between Mexico and the United States Border. The book takes firsthand stories from many of the children and young adults and tells it through their eyes- the good with the bad. Many of the young adults deal with a lot of things non-homeless young adults deal with every day, such as fashion, identity, belonging and wanting to be loved. At the same time, the “tunnel kids” have a much tougher life. They have to deal with drugs, homelessness, fractured families and daily survival. Tunnel Kids is a stirring first hand account of these kids’ journey and lifestyle.
Chapter five talks about a reunion...
The end:
.....s in their lives. I frankly did not know whether to be sad or glad (Hickey & Taylor 139).” At Puerto Penasco, Flor meets her aunt and the group stays with her. Then they go to visit Rosa’s house that burned down with Jesus, and Flor wants to mend her romantic relationship with Jesus.
Overall, Tunnel Kids is a personal yet anthropological look at the lives of young adults living in the tunnel borders. It is important to understand these lifestyles because it is a delicate mix of geographic, racial and socioeconomic identity that defines our world today. Tunnel Kids delves into tunnel culture, and all the hardships that come with it.
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