Tun-Jen Cheng and Taiwanese Development, 1895-1995


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Tun-Jen Cheng and Taiwanese Development, 1895-1995
This paper refers to an article by Tun-Jen Cheng that appeared in The China Quarterly in 2001 that accounts for the economic progress of Taiwan according to different phases of structure and policy. Cheng is a professor of International Relations and the Comparative Politics of East Asia at the College of William & Mary and has published a great deal on subjects of Taiwan. The article in question, “Transforming Taiwan’s Economic Structure in the 20th Century”, provides a very clear outline of events from the 1890s colonization of Taiwan by imperial Japan to the late 20th century. (2001) The discussion ends in the late 1990s Asian economic crisis. The reader is left with a...
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.....ble under a democratic system in the 1950s or the 1960s, given that no fully democratic system would have tolerated the directive role of the state, technocrats and business leaders in an almost socialist kind of agenda. All were determined that Taiwan’s economy would succeed as it had to do if an island country still claimed by the People’s Republic of China from time to time, was to survive. Cheng’s subject is intriguing, if examined according to Taiwanese assets of leadership and adaptability, aware of a nearly dire situation in 1945 and a determined approach to creating a Taiwanese economy as was achieved.
Cheng, Tun-Jen. “Transforming Taiwan’s economic structure in the 20th century.” The China
Quarterly. 165. 2001, pp. 19-36.