Truth Objectivity and its Importance


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The beginning:
Truth Objectivity and its Importance
This paper is based on three different statements that are discussed with reference to sections of Goodman’s Ways of
, and
article on the
Hoax. In particular the text will consider whether both speakers in each case are saying something true. If they are saying something true about an objective world, then what are they saying and finally if both speakers can’t be considered true, is there any way in which each statement can be considered “valid” and would this threaten the claim to a single objective reality?
Statement 1:
If I asked what is the height of the Washington Monument? A knowledgeable American would say ‘555 feet 5 1/8 inches’ while a knowledgeable Italian would...
The end:
.....deceive, then that statement in one context at least is the truth. In terms of validity that context relates to the purpose of the information – if an untrue statement was meant to deceive, and it did, then it is valid under that construct, but if it was meant to be considered true, then the validity of that statement could only be assured if the facts appeared true to the receiver – something that the readers of the
Hoax certainly found out.
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