Truth in Biotechnology: A Double Standard?


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The beginning:
Truth in Biotechnology: A Double Standard?
For this assignment, I chose to do Aisle 4, Biotechnology. After doing the readings and the tour, I visited the supermarket to look for evidence of biotechnology and ways in which the supermarket (a Safeway) had paid attention to these issues.
There is not much evidence in the supermarket that I visited of concern with biotechnology. The supermarket has a "natural foods section" where many of the products, especially products made from soybeans, put notices that they do not use genetically modified soybeans on their wrappers. However, you have to look for them and they are often in small print. We could say that this issue has not been addressed by the store except in a passive fashion. They have...
The end:
.....eption need the same sort of strict examination, no matter who or where they come from.
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