Trust, Faith and Loyalty in Abraham’s Sacrifice of Isaac


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Trust, Faith and Loyalty in Abraham’s Sacrifice of Isaac
This biblical study will analyze the test given by God to Abraham when he was ordered to sacrifice his eldest son, Isaac. This test involved asking Abraham to commit a horrendous act against his son, which was a long-standing tradition that fathers committed before God. However, God was only seeking to see of Abraham’s loyalty was sound, resulting in the horror that Abraham and his son felt at this act. When Abraham follows God’s order, he learns that his faith had been tested and that he had grown as a man in his spiritual trust in the Lord. In essence, the importance of trust and loyalty will be examined in the way Abraham performed this deed of faith as a way to confirm his love...
The end:
.....oyalty is one way in which God was able to being him this grim test, yet he was able to follow through until God’s compassion put a lamb in Isaac’s place. After this, Abraham had earned God’s trust and his descendants gained access to a powerful spiritual tradition of faith. In my won life, Jim was a friend who had passed a very similar test. When I trusted him with my money, he actually went further and saved me money on my schoolbooks. I also gained a loyal and trustworthy friend by using Abraham’s test as a model for faith as a bond between humans and spiritual connection in life’s lessons.
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