Truce’s “Gentle Love”, a Parley Now I Crave


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Truce's "Gentle Love", a Parley Now I Crave
As with many Elizabethan sonnets, Drayton’s sonnet 63 emphasizes an unfulfilled love written in a short, yet, powerful manner revealing the inner thoughts and feeling of the writer even though there an unexpected sense of detachment of emotion. At times, there is a cynical tone, but the primary emphasis of the sonnet is on the madness and foolishness of love as evidenced by his desire to find a respite from the pain of love unrequited. On the surface, the sonnet can be read as suffering of the love failed. However, by examining the structure, diction and tone of the writing, it becomes apparent that the writer in conflict with himself hoping to become devoid of...
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.....nsaction that can be rationalized and dealt with on a logical and intellectual level even though the chosen syntax indicates a deep and burdening pain within him. The real battle is with this purposefully hidden pain masked underneath words such as “malice”, “thirsting for subversion” and “vanishing” representing his desire to repress that emotion which would his ultimate conquest. This sonnet cannot be fully understood without first evaluating the structure, syntax and diction of the sonnet. It is these elements that reveal the true purpose of the writer’s work. Works Cited
Drayton, Michael.”Sonnet 63.” The Broadview Anthology of British Literature, Concise Edition, Volume A. Ed. by Joseph Black et al. Canada: Broadview Press, 2007. Print.