Travel Magazine Executive Summary


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Travel Magazine Executive Summary
The Travel Magazine, hereafter referred to as TM, has a value chain which consists of a series of core competencies or internal processes. These internal processes are best illustrated by a circular value chain graphic, with its functional processes amalgamated into a single link as support functions. As the graphic demonstrates, it is from these core competencies that certain of TM’s activities are selected for outsourcing overseas:
Data gathering process
Customer Service/feedback
Support functions
Thus, as Winter and McIntosh have proposed, core competencies are rare skills and capabilities leading to superior...
The end:
.....ess model that functions primarily off of digitized publications, TM needs to extend its overall value chain or business model conceptually rather than through other means. Though the services it may seek to outsource would indeed be located in an overseas location, the operational framework would actually change very little for the magazine internally.
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