Transforming the Healthcare Organization with Deming and Goldratt


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The beginning:
Transforming the Healthcare Organization with Deming and Goldratt
Question 1
After transforming to Deming, customers, employees, management/leadership, suppliers and regulators all undergo changes. Customers are transformed because the products are of higher quality, similar to what happened with the consumers of the Japanese automobiles designed by engineers who focused on quality versus those who focused on margins and cost savings. In the healthcare organization, quality service and delivery according to best practices increases the satisfaction, patient care, community reputation and loyalty for the long term.
Employees are transformed in many ways as well, because the need to build trust among teams of healthcare workers requires...
The end:
.....o work on quality instead of cost savings as well as keeping a critical eye out for constraints in the organization - as helpful resources in my career. I also find the work of Steven Covey valuable (2008), and there is a similar mindset to Deming’s that I have found, as far as focusing on quality as well as the need to build long-term trust in the organization and make it an important cultural virtue.
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