Transformational Leadership in Nursing


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Transformational Leadership in Nursing
Transformational leadership in nursing is founded in relationship building skills. As a nurse’s career advances he or she becomes a supervisor, manager and leader in the profession. Transactional leadership occurs when managers transform themselves into leaders. Organizations get the most from their managers when deployment of resources and people are utilized to the fullest (Mason, Leavitt and Chaffee's 2007).
In elder care, “transformational leadership” refers to providing the highest quality of care through the development of interdependent relationships with patients, peers and subordinates. Transformational leadership allows managers to arouse emotion in the people in the organization. There is...
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.....with elderly home owners has increased, requests for information on ways to prevent falls indoors and outdoors has been requested at a heightened level in the past month and there has been a 2% decline in the number of elderly people seeking medical treatment in Emergency Departments in the past month.
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