“Transcultural Communication in Nursing” by Cora Munoz and Joan Luckmann


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The beginning:
“Transcultural Communication in Nursing” by Cora Munoz and Joan Luckmann
“Transcultural Communication in Nursing” is a book written by two nurses who are also academic researchers, Cora Munoz and Joan Luckmann (2005). Starting from its title, the book is very clear about what it is attempting to teach nurses: Better transcultural communication. In order to understand how the book goes about achieving this goal, one must first define transcultural nursing and then describe how Munoz and Luckmann take a specific approach to the topic.
Transcultural nursing refers to interactions between nurses and patients of different cultural backgrounds. Because everyone is unique, it is important to think of transcultural nursing as a spectrum. For...
The end:
..... that some of the things that I believed were in fact universal. I am now more aware that a lot of my content, as a nurse and a person, originates from my cultural identity. He book taught me that I do not have to lose or denigrate my identity; instead, I have to develop an appreciation of other’s peoples differences, and be able to meet them on their own terms. In doing so, there are a number of specific tips and tricks from the book, particularly in the discussion of the different cultural values of groups. I intend to use all of this knowledge, both practical and theoretical, to become a better transcultural nurse.
Munoz, C.C. & Luckmann, J. (2005). Transcultural communication in nursing. New York: Thomson/Delmar Learning.