Transamerica: Transgender Across America


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Transamerica: Transgender Across America
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Transamerica: Transgender Across America
The movie Transamerica is the story of a man who is undergoing sexual reassignment surgery to become a woman. When the story takes up, the character, Bree Osbourne, is already preparing for her surgery. While it could be presumed that Bree would be the one who suffers from all of the psychological disorders expected at such a time, it turns out it is the people around her who are having difficulty accepting her decision to go from being a man to becoming a woman.
Part of the process of making a sexual transition is for the patient to seek psychological counseling. At the beginning of the movie, Bree is about...
The end:
.....sychological traumas, the audience is not in on it. That may be part of the point: that perhaps it is society that is uncomfortable with transgendered people, and that this population is content within themselves once medicine makes right what nature apparently got wrong.
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