Tragic Fate of Chinese Women in Film


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The beginning:
Tragic Fate of Chinese Women in Film
Women’s roles in film depict the modernizing of China throughout the 20th and 21st Centuries. China has been in a state of rebellion, imperialism, defeat, power and revolution for the better part of the last two centuries. Hope for a democratic capitalistic China was not as real as many revolutionaries wished simply because tradition in Chinese culture ran so deep.
In the 1911 revolution the dynastic system ended, but the political structure of this period did not change. What this means is that there was no break from Chinese tradition so there was no cultural revolution in China to the extent in which it was desired by the majority of the people. The modernity sought at the end of the dynastic system...
The end:
.....ble, life is filled with broken promises, and romance is a pipe dream. This depiction of middle-class women in Chinese culture has lead women rebuke the traces of feudalism that still exist in Chinese culture and concentrate on creating their own wealth and romance.
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