Traditional and Electronic Bullying Among Adolescents


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Traditional and Electronic Bullying Among Adolescents
Introduction: Adolescence is a time when peer group connections are essential to psychological, emotional and social growth and self esteem. This age group is learning relationship skills that will be important to them throughout the course of their lives. Strong, secure associations with others of their age group can build friendship and bonding strengths that will last a lifetime. For centuries adolescents have suffered from intimidation and bullying. Historically bullying was often fraught with physical threats from a stronger person to a weaker. Access to the internet and growing usage of electronic devices has created a new species of bully. Contemporary bullies using...
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.....ld be asked questions like: Is it easier to talk to a potential date online than in person? Would you find it easier to talk about teen sex with someone you meet for the first time in a chat room or the person who sits behind you in geometry class? Would you send a pornographic photo of yourself to someone you haven’t met? What about to a boy or girl friend? Good questions and a large study group, including comparisons between inner city and rural high school students could encourage school curriculum to support inter sex communication as well as responsible use of the internet.
Raskauskas, J. & Stoltz, A.D. (2007). Involvement in traditional and electronic bullying among adolescents. Developmental Psychology. 43, 3, 564–575.