Toward a Confluence of Secular Ideals and Individual Freedom


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The beginning:
Toward a Confluence of Secular Ideals and Individual Freedom
France's banning of the
demonstrates the controversy that can be engendered when religious and cultural ideals conflict with secular law and society's notions
what is just, or fitting with their society's principles. Indeed, a careful balance must be struck when tempering the rights of ethnic and religious minorities and the secular ideals held by liberal democracies in which many religious individuals choose to live and work. While there are a number of complex arguments for and against the rights of individuals to express their religious ideals in various contexts, France’s banning of the
presents a unique opportunity to examine the rights of individuals...
The end:
.....freedom of citizens. Such actions will ultimately only fail as they breed contempt in those subject to them, and serve to further alienate citizens already marginalized by the larger culture.
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