Tourism Strategy: Hilton Hotel Chain


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Tourism Strategy: Hilton Hotel Chain
Brief statement describing the topic assessed and the objective of your assessment
Identify the overall business strategy of a hospitality industry firm/corporation or destination and delineate what that firm’s/corporation’s/destination’s overall strategy is. The topic selected by this writer for exploration is described in the italicized sub-heading to this section. However, the specific firm to be focused upon has not yet been identified; that firm, as it turns out, is the international Hilton Hotel Chain. Suffice it to say, the overall strategy of the firm will be explored at length as per the instructions of this paper. Besides the obvious objective of learning more about Hilton and its basic...
The end:
.....on of discoveries. When all is said and done, one must conclude that the firm is at the very top of the industry because it recognizes that keeping customers satisfied in the twenty-first century involves keeping them well-stocked with options and entirely cognizant of the fact that Hilton is just as concerned about progressive causes as they are.
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