Topic 4: Intersection of Gender and Consumption


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Topic 4: Intersection of Gender and Consumption
This paper will examine the relationship between gender and consumption. It will argue that the social gender roles imply certain consumption patterns: one pattern attributed to female and a different one to male gender. It will also be argued that gender- related consumer patterns influence advertising, which is a major player in stimulating further consumption. The two major works used for this analysis will be Chuck 
’ novel ‘Fight Club’ and Malcolm 
 ‘Listening to Khakis’.
 Underhill notes, when it comes to shopping “women are better at it while men are loose cannons” (101). However, sopping is only one part of consumption. Consumption is one of the economic...
The end: show a significant degree of self- consciousness. These differences are so strongly rooted that divergence form the expected consumption patterns can be signal of gender identity crisis. On the other hand, they are used to further promote and increase consumption.
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