Tonto is not a Good Role Model


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The beginning:
Tonto is not a Good Role Model
Despite wanting to be known as “Native Americans” and even as some tribes are getting wealthy because they operate casinos, the greater number of “Indians in America are the one und3rclass which has been given and who has accepted the premise of being America’s underclass. It is the fact that there are few role models for the average American Indian and also the fact that those who seek to better themselves are often despised by their fellow tribesmen prolongs the agony of many. Sherman Alexei is someone who managed to escape the fate of so many of the others. But, in so doing, he literally became a pariah: “A smart Indian is a dangerous person, widely feared and ridiculed by Indian and non-Indian alike”...
The end:
.....ed, frustrated ones. They are not stupid. They are under-achievers because too many Americans do not give them opportunities to achieve, nor provide them with role models.
may be a loyal companion to the Lone Ranger, but he is not a valid role model.
Alexei admits he is lucky. He is smart, but that is not why he is lucky. He saw opportunity and a future. He braved the jeers and taunts of classmates. He has become a whole person. We, America, need to bring this same sort of “luck” to the next generation of Native Americans. They need to be able to have the same dreams and hopes and potential success as everyone, regardless of ethnicity, skin color or mindset.
Alexei, Sherman: “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman
And Me”