Timeline and Synopsis of the Old Testament Prophets


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Timeline and Synopsis of the Old Testament Prophets
Timeline and Synopsis of the Old Testament Prophets
The prophets of the Old Testament are critical to understanding how the word of God was passed among the people of Israel. McConville (2002) discusses the importance of the prophets in the manner in which each of them spoke on behalf of God and communicated God’s message to the people. The word “prophecy” is an excellent definition of the work of the prophets in Old Testament history, as each represented a conduit to the covenant that God offered to His people for all time: past, present, and future. In this way, the word of God was a prophecy brought forth by the individual prophets that were called by...
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.....is the subject of advanced Biblical scholarship.
The prophets were the messengers of God’s word to the people, spreading the message of God, from generation to generation, in a way that could be understood in the context of the particular historical period in which they were living. As a progressive history of the work of God, the prophets, and particularly the writing prophets, both major and minor, represent the most thorough history of the work of God and the promise of God’s love as it is manifested in the lives of man.
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