Three Story Critiques


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The beginning:
Three Story Critiques
The Adventure of the Soldier
story, “The Adventure of the Soldier,” describes the actions of a soldier while seated next to a widow during a train ride. What seems to be a torrid tale of unrequited lust is actually a deeply psychological piece that looks into the fantasy life of a lonely soldier. What seems to be a great and daring adventure in the mind of Private
, is actually little more than a tensed leg brushed against that of the widow and a bit of furtive groping for her knee.
It is clear to the careful reader that Private
has no hope for any reciprocation from the widow. Her very description as being “marmoreal,” marble-like, with unattainable, heavy, and “sternly sealed”...
The end:
..... to the future even having faced hard times in the past.
Like the rest of the story, the ending presents an ambiguous picture. The narrator has found a measure of self-confidence and happiness; however, faced with her mother’s “doggedly expectant face,” (247) she also realizes that this happiness comes with a price.
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