Three Questions on Sociology


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Three Questions on Sociology
Structural Functionalism and Conflict Theory are different schools of sociological thought. Structural Functionalism, first defined by Auguste Compte, describes the social structure of a society as an overall function of the many interlocking elements of said society. These elements include the institutions, social norms, customs and overall perspective of a society. All of these combined and working in conjunction with one another create a functioning social structure and an effective “norm.” In this way, structural functionalism can be applied to the world with a scientific methodology; social laws and norms are observable and objective.
A concrete example of Structural Functionalism at work is the...
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.....merica became more diverse and continues to be diverse based on the larger variants on ethnicities than in Canada.
Finally, pop culture is different in Canada and America. America generates its own popular culture while Canada gets its pop culture mostly secondhand from Europe or America. IN this way, America is far more clued into and intertwined with popular culture. America values popular culture far more than Canada, where to me popular culture like reality television and music still seem like an import. Overall, these differences between Canada and the United States, seen in terms of languages, ethnicities and popular culture, show how neighboring countries can have hugely different influences based on history, demography and politics.